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About Us
Our philosophy is quite simple, i.e. to offer truly excellent products, prices & services to all our customers.

With our motivation that is not to close the sale but to give you the best & impartial solution, we have been in the market of Designing & Manufacturing home furniture, Pantry Cupboards, Doors, Windows and Frames which are up to pro standard, quality and designs simultaneously made out of naturally born 100% solid wood during the past 2 decades.

Storage Facilities

We are well equipped with a spacious warehouse which enables us to store timber that is ready to be distributed. The storehouse homes various types of timber demanded by building contractors all over Sri Lanka. The storehouse is situated in a convenient location and is equipped with state of the art machinery ideal for large scale timber workshops.
Timber Kilining

Once treated with these chemical solutions the moisture content of the timber goes up to around 100%. Therefore it is necessary to bring down the moisture content of the timber below 10% . in a shorter span of time such as 10-12 days. If the timber is left for air drying it might take well over two month for theirmj c to go down below 20%.

vVe make use of most modern fully automated timber drying kilns for this purpose. The humidity inside the kilns should be controlled to suit the wet and dry bulb temperatures this is done by way of Heaters, Humidifiers and Ventilators which are controlled by way of the opening and closing of the Solenoids.
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